Nadine, Nicolas’s mum

You passed away while you were almost reaching your goals. You were full of projects, you were motivated, you wanted kids.

I know you’d like me to be strong and happy…

I’m trying to be strong… I’m trying even though I often falter, but being happy ? God, I can’t ! You left and my soul started to fade away.

I’ll never be able to grieve because I’ll got chased by your last look until my own eyes get close forever.

When you were a kid, I was telling you that a mum’s heart kept growing up every time a kid entered her life, but I didn’t know it would break up once one would be gone.

I’m so craving for you…


Nadine, Nicolas’s mum

Before he left to Russia for the European championship 2019, I had written a short typed letter to him ; my handwriting is terrible.

When he died, I took all his pictures off the wall of his studio in Bourg-en-Bresse not without a little twinge of sorrow: I noticed he had pinned pictures of everyone but his mum… then I found my letter he had cut out in the centre of the pictures.

I think the following pays tribute to him in a beautiful way:


Julie, Nicolas’s godmother

Kindness, vivid imagination, full of love and joy, interested in everything around him, always ready to help or delay… Loads of moments and values will stay in my heart.

Thank you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Léonie Desmyter, Nicolas’s friend


One cannot say that I knew Nicolas very well, but I knew him through my experience at the training center of Liege.

I have therefore had the opportunity to talk with him as well as to laugh and play Rugby with him. This, indubitably, makes you bond with each other and strengthens the relationship.

I think I’ve gone through enough with him to be able to state he was a pretty discreet individual, at least when it comes to interacting in a group of people. He always had something funny to say, it would always make us laugh, as clumsy as it could be.

He had a true ability to set his goals, in both the scholar and sportive spheres. He had ambitions and some good determination for whatever he would undertake.

He was fair. He was a smily fellow. A good individual.

Congrats and thanks for what you’re doing.

Sasou, one of Nicolas’s friends

I met Nicolas in September 2017.

Since then, I’ve always seen in Nicolas a positive person who’s always been there for his relatives. I’ve also met a friend.

You never got bored with Nicolas. He always found something to do. I remember our English lessons; he made up stories from the drawings or the words written on our bench. We had a lot of laugh ! We regularly got comments from our teacher because we couldn’t stop chatting or laughing.

I also remember us playing UNO at lunchtimes. If there’s one single thing you need to know about Nicolas playing UNO, it’s that he cheated. So if you lost playing with him, make sure you didn’t really lose: Nicolas surely had 4 cards left in his hand… somewhere !

As I’ve just told you, Nicolas always saw things positively , which impressed me. He also saw the best in everyone and supported them in each of their choices.

He was honest and never hesitated in talking you back in your place when needed. I remember that I went to talk to him when I needed some advice because I knew he’d always answer sincerely.

I wish everyone to meet someone like Nicolas Gigot: he was an exceptional guy.

I miss Nicolas a lot. Many things make me think of him in my everyday life; and then I know he’ll always be with us somehow, and he’ll keep on watching over all of us.

I’m sending you kisses, Nicolas, wherever you are !

Virginie Facchin, EGC representative

Nicolas left his mark on the life of the EGC with his solar personality. He was a passionate young man, who had managed to connect sport and studies, thanks to his perseverance and his work. I often refer to him as an example when I talk to other students, underlining his strength and his will to do things properly. Tender thoughts.

Michel Willem, Nicolas’s teacher

It is in my classroom that Nicolas spent his sixth year of primary school. A real ball of nerves…not easy to manage! A true winner as well : during recess, he would hate losing and would sometimes ruminate quite long when « defeated ».

Many times I told him : « There is no shame in losing if one has given the best of themselves ». I doubt he thought of this sentence through his last game, the one he played against disease. But, and that’s what matters the most, he did put it into practice. Congrats Nico ! Maybe Upthere, in Rugbymen’s Heaven, you’re still a bit moody… but i’m sure, very soon, you’ll be the one to liven up to the atmosphere.