The foundation has emerged thanks to Manon Cartiller herself, who created an internet funding pot for Nicolas. She often had contacts with him because at the time she was working on the webpage related to the elite athletes of the USPBA and Nicolas forwarded her the results of the matches.

I insist on the fact that she started the funding pot on her own initiative, even though it got taken back by different sites and newspapers later.

Of course, the foundation couldn’t have emerged without all those donations ! Thank you to everyone !


I’d also like to honour the family Brune whose son Noé was somewhat familiar with Nicolas. This family was generous enough to provide us with an apartment which allowed Fanny, Nicolas’ dad and I to stay close to the hospital. Indeed, we had at our disposal 3 rooms.

I insist on their generosity because before “Nicolas”, they had already made their flat available, free of charge, for the medical staff during the coronavirus period.

Fanny Nalmpantidis, who fully dedicated herself to her beloved Nicolas while he was hospitalized, also contributed to the logo of the foundation (here is her sketch which will be kept).

Besides financial donations, we got dvd’s, blue-rays, and other gift boxes… which will be sold. The customers will choose how much they want to pay for it.

This is the reason why I would like to honour three companies: The Odyssée Numérique of Mons, O’brothers Distribution and Coming Soon Home Video.

We also thank the starred-chef Christian Tetedoie and the Villa Florentine in Lyon.

Nor have I forgotten his EGC friends who raised money wrapping gifts in Decathlon, Bourg en Bresse.

A big thank you also to those who translated the texts into German, English and Dutch: Elena Nalmpantidis, Stephanie Wilmotte, Heidi Claes, Yvan De Roo, Xavier Dumont and Heidy Verweij.

Once again, THANK YOU!

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