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On this sweet day of June 16, 2020, I was far from imagining that the ordeal would begin for my son Nicolas Gigot as well as for all the people who cherished him.

Everything was looking so good, the covid was going away, the borders of France had been reopened for 48 hours and my son was excited to finally start rugby training again.

But at 7 p.m., the horror began when my son collapsed in the woods due to malignant stress hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia is basically an overheating of the body above 41°.

Consequently, the body will protect at all costs the vital organs (its heart and its brain) at the expense of the other organs…

That’s how my son began his relentless fight, first losing the use of his kidneys and then his liver. As a result, he had to undergo a liver transplant.

He was conscious when he went through these hardships. Even when he was not in a coma, he could not express himself since he was intubated, and he could not even sob… He knew he could leave at any moment, the medical profession did not hide anything from him, the diagnoses were all cruelly communicated against my will, unfortunately!

He saw his body slipping away from him, little by little, totally powerless. This is how he saw himself losing each of his fights as the necrosis settled in his body…

He lost his right leg, then his right hip and finally his left leg. It has suffered necrosis, hemorrhagic and septic clots, staphylococcus…

When I spoke to you about ordeal, the word was not in vain, my son lived a real martyrdom, him, however so determined to live.

Unfortunately, his willpower was nothing compared to the necrosis that was slowly taking over his entire body. After the legs, she attacked the intestines, the hands, the arms, to finish with the back.

The battle was over.

After 33 days of unbearable psychological and physical suffering for him and total helplessness for us, Nicolas passed away on July 18, 2020 at barely 19 years old!

The last conscious moments Nicolas spent with us were dominated by intense frustration, both for him and for us. He was locked in his inert body and was unable to communicate because he was intubated. He could only open or close his eyelids to try to talk to us.

I will never forget those moments, because he often got angry at my inability to understand him. This helplessness was very painful.

The pain will never disappear. However, it would fade if I had the certainty that no family and patient would have to go through this experience in a hospital again. Therefore, I created the Nicolas Gigot Foundation.

My goal is to raise funds to provide optical computers to hospitals. These computers would be lent to families who have no other means of communicating with their loved one, but also to help the hospital staff and consequently, to relieve the hospitalized person.

My goal is also to buy any material to help handisports because Nicolas, while he was still hoping to live, dreamed of organizing rugby tournaments whose proceeds would be used to buy chairs for handi’rugby. As a result, the foundation also intervenes for all handisports!

Commitment, strength, respect, team spirit and courage are values shared among rugby players and my son always defended them with all his heart. But above all he was a magnificent, generous and beautiful person!

Take a moment to watch this video showing the frustration of an immobilized patient.

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But I need your help to keep his heart beating through this foundation, which I hope will help many people.

A minimum donation of 40 € is eligible for a tax reduction.

Donate to the account:

IBAN : BE88 0689 3834 0641


Donate to the account:


BE88 0689 3834 0641




A minimum donation of 40 € is eligible for a tax reduction.