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His last photo of 06/16/2020

About us

The Nicolas Gigot Foundation’s mission is to help hospitalized people who are unable to speak and need other means to communicate. The foundation is a private initiative lead by his mother, Nadine Brialmont.

Many are those in visceral need to communicate, either tetraplegics or intubated, especially in these Coronavirus times. The Nicolas Gigot Foundation aims to help them through the purchase of optical devices for hospitals. The foundation also contributes to the purchase of wheelchairs.

Nicolas’ last moments of consciousness were dominated by an intense frustration for all of us. He was locked inside his inert body, intubated, and could not communicate. He could only open or close his eyelids to try to talk to us.

Those moments of consciousness were short, but I will never forget them. Often, he was getting angry because of my inability to understand him. This helplessness was very painful.

When I finally managed to receive an optical computer, it was too late: Nicolas was back in a coma. He never woke up.

The pain will never disappear. However, it would fade if I had the certainty that no family and patient would have to go through this experience in a hospital again.

Therefore, I created the Nicolas Gigot Foundation. My objective is to gather funds meant for offering optical computer to hospitals. Those computers would be lent to families that have no other way to communicate with their hospitalized relative.

My goal is also to buy wheelchairs. Nicolaswas dreaming of organizing rugby tournaments whose profits would be used to buy performing wheelchairs for those in need.

Commitment, strength, respect, team spirit and courage are values shared among rugby players and my son always defended them with all his heart. He was a beautiful and generous human-being.

His heart will keep beating through this foundation, which, I hope, will help many people.

Who was Nicolas?

His life ended on 18 July 2020. He was 19. During a rugby training in Bourg-en-Bresse, he was hit by an effort hyperthermia. He was admitted to hospital, and it was the beginning of his descent into hell. His kidneys and liver were damaged, he had a liver transplant,he underwent a leg amputation, then his other leg had to be amputated, his hip had to be removed and he suffered from different necroses, hemorrhagic and skeptical clots, and a staphylococcus.

He was conscious when he went through these hardships. Even when he was not in a coma, he could not speak as he was intubated. He could not even sob. He knew that he could leave us at any time, the medical staff never hid anything from him: diagnoses were all cruelly communicated. He saw his body slipping away from him, little by little, totally powerless.

His last moments were of an infinite sadness, full of anguish, for both him and us. But Nicolas’ story cannot be reduced to his death. Before that, he was alive, very alive.