Michelin-starred chef Christian Têtedoie

Hello everyone,

Two Foundation volunteers recently visited Bourg en Bresse and Lyon. Of course, I took part in this little trip, which gave me the chance to see Michelin-starred chef Christian Têtedoie again. It’s true that he’s extraordinary in terms of his gastronomic career: best apprentice at the age of 17, best worker in France in 1996, and since 2011, the supreme title of President of the Master Chefs of France……(you could say so much more …) but it’s above all the human aspect of this rare man that touched me, moved me, even overwhelmed me. Because he’s so sensitive, he’s altruistic (yes, with a capital “A”), he’s a magnificent do-gooder!

This great man was involved in many charitable actions:

– Association Laurette Fugain
– Partnership with the Léon Bérard cancer center
– Sponsor of a charity gala in aid of organ donation
– Association Aidons Marina
– Wonderful help for Clara (creation of a spray : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1CyJdXQXrU…)
– Gourmet meals at the handishow
– And the list goes on……

But despite all his obligations, I’m happy to announce that he has agreed to become the godfather of the Nicolas Gigot Foundation (without even having known our wonderful Nicolas) in order to help us raise funds to provide hospitals and the disabled with additional aid.

Christian is an angel to us and he’s going to help us organize a big charity Gala, which I’ll get back to you about.

Thanks to him, but you too can take part and work for the Nicolas Gigot Foundation, so that Nicolas continues to exist through you!


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