Newsletter February 24, 2022

Dear friends of Nicolas, or friends of doc Gigot or boubou for the family, here we are (I hope), at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic that has had such an impact on us… and this foundation.

I would therefore like to inform you of a few positive actions that the Nicolas Gigot Foundation has been able to carry out in spite of everything:

  1. Thanks to the reduction in Covid cases, we will FINALLY be able to offer Tobii to the Sart Tilman University Hospital (various press releases to follow here and in the press).
  2. Geoffrey (as a reminder, an able-bodied rugby player who ended up a quadriplegic following an operation that went wrong) has a new smile on his face thanks to the new handisport chair that the foundation has given him to continue his passion at the La Hulpe rugby club.
  3. The Standard Chaudfontaine Rugby Club has decided to rename the ERY challenge the Nicolas Gigot challenge, with part of the proceeds going to the foundation. We’ll keep you posted in the coming days.
  4. A sale of paintings, after the exhibition, will take place in the coming months. That’s why we’re appealing to your generosity in order to receive as many known and unknown works as possible. Painting enthusiasts, take up your paintbrushes!
  5. Starting in March, the Foundation will be reorganized in order toenergize, energize… dare I say it: “set the foundation on fire”. thanks to (in no particular order) Aurelie Grossmann, Léane Pavlovic, Jennyfer Molina, Camille Carvalhido, Miya Dupessey, Naomi Duclaux, Monique Pirson, Salomé Garcia Zamora, Anna GUEYE, Emma TABOURET, Léonita MAKOLLI, Mathilde ROLAND, Camille DOUCET, Lola LHOPITAL, Marcel Brialmont, Maëlle LACROIX, Marine Wautriche, Pierre-Yves Dekerck.

You’ll find that gender bias is far from respected… but whatever your gender, whether you’re a student or a pensioner, join us…

To take part in the foundation, contact us by email :

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Linda Masson and Carla Catuara for their motivating words.

I would also like to thank Marc Herzt for his invitation to the Welkenraedt Kiwanis, which enabled the foundation to receive a “very nice donation”, so a big thank you to this team:

Thanks also to all of you who remain present, and thanks for the latest donations to Londot Briffaut, Johnny and Nicole Moermans, Justine Brialmont, Pierre Marilyn, Mr and Mrs Ledouble Happart and Jesus Fernandez.

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